- The continent where our characters currently reside…for now.

The Region of Rell (Independent)


- A large Village on the edge of the Shell Forrest. Its main export is Crystal Leaf that grows only in the Shell Forrest.

The Great Mountains

- A series of mountains, their tops covered in icy snow, that dominate the horizon. Rumored to hide a great many secrets, some noteworthy, others lost to the trials of time.

The Hills of Ovarka

- The hills south of Rell were formed when the great hero Ovarka slammed into the earth after a titanic battle with the gods.

The Forest of Shell

- This crystalline forest, lying just at the foot of the Great Mountains, is haunted with the spirits of those long past.

Tribe of Guldrag

- A barbaric tribe led by Guldrag. They are constantly moving, making communication difficult, and knowledge concerning their ways scarce.

The Blood Empire of Ahs’mahl (Cruor)


- This majestic city is held aloft by a seccret magic sewn from the red monks of Cruor.


- The only conventional passage to the city of Ahs’mahl, barring the help of a great mage.

Suldin (The Dominus)

The City of Suldin

- The greatest port city on this side of Restell.

The Sanguine Sea

-The red sea that covers the eastern area of Restell. It’s crimson waves are colored by a ubiquitous clay found on the sea floor.


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